Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Having Sex With Miniature Horse

Photo: Sharon Dominick (Getty)

Some 21-year-olds use the final days of summer to say their goodbyes to friends and families before heading back to school. Others head to a lake for one last week of relaxation before gearing up for the winter grind.

But Travis Wagner, well, he fucks horses.

According to Fox 43, Wagner took the road less traveled earlier this month when he broke into a barn in Ephrata and had sexual intercourse with a miniature horse.

Pennsylvania Man Arrested After Having Sex With Miniature Horse

Pennsylvania man has sex with mini horse
A concerned citizen noticed a suspicious Dodge pickup truck trespassing on his neighbor’s property on August 16 and called the owner after he saw Wagner walk into the barn that was housing cattle and one miniature horse.

By the time police arrived on the scene, Wagner was gone, but they were able to trace the plates on his truck to his home, and it was there that Wagner decided to confess to plowing the miniature horse on more than one occasion. He was charged with burglary and sexual intercourse with an animal and will appear in court next month.

Hey, good thing the cattle were normal size.

In Wisconsin, they play with the big boys: Wisconsin Man Arrested For Performing Oral Sex On Horse