Ohio Man Says His Life Was Saved By His Craving For Hot Pockets

Silly vegans.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, a 38-year-old Akron man says the only reason he wasn’t in his apartment that was recently destroyed when a plane crashed into it is because his stomach was telling him to stop at a Dollar General to pick up a pizza Hot Pocket for dinner and a breakfast Hot Pocket for the morning.

Ohio man says Hot Pockets saved his life

Jason Bartley had been in his apartment 39 minutes before a plane crashed into it Tuesday afternoon. He was on his computer looking for sweet deals for an end-of-the-year trip to Miami when he realized that it was going to take considerable time to find the right one.

Bartley said he hopped in his car to run some quick errands before settling in to book his trip. After stopping at the bank and local grocery store, Bartley said he looked down at the time on his car radio and noticed it was already 2:45 p.m.

Jason Bartley loves him some Hot Pockets

Why he didn’t grab dinner at the grocery store is anybody’s guess, but Hartley realized he needed some chow for supper and the next morning, so he stopped by the Dollar General to grab some Hot Pockets. Moments later, his apartment was destroyed by the fiery plane crash that tragically claimed the lives of all nine people onboard.

“Sometimes you get nauseous thinking about it,” Bartley said. “It’s still even hard to comprehend. Everybody feels lucky. But you never feel this lucky.”

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