Man Accused of Stealing Stripper’s Panties and Pulling Knife on Bouncer

Photo: PIER (Getty)

Somehow, it’s not too shocking that he doesn’t remember any of it.

According to Mirror, a 31-year-old Newcastle man went to drown his sorrows earlier this year the best way he knew how, and that was with boobs and beer.

But now Adam Strong has been sentenced to community service after a judge said he displayed “threatening behavior” when he stole a stripper’s underwear and then pulled a knife on security personnel when they asked him to empty his pockets.

pull a knife

Strong told the judge he had received some bad news on January 18, so he decided to tie one on at a city center club called Some Like It Hot. Then, after getting absolutely hammered, Strong bought a lapper from one of the club’s dancers.

So far, so good.

But when she finished her job and reached down for her panties, they were nowhere to be found. Strong made his way toward the exit but was stopped by bouncers who asked him to turn out his pockets. He instead produced a pocketknife and pointed it at security, who quickly took it away and threw him onto the streets.

Strong was given a 12-month “community order with supervision” because he is usually a law-abiding man, which is almost as good as it gets under the circumstances. After all, you have to think if he would have had a prior record, he’d probably be stuck with unwanted lappers in his prison cell instead.

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