NAU Sorority Girl Runs Into Man’s Apartment, Strips Naked, Jumps on Bed and Somehow Gets Arrested

Photo: Congressional Quarterly (Getty)

Most guys dream of the day when a college coed with two bags of weed in her pockets busts down his door, strips naked and begins jumping on his bed.

Apparently, one Flagstaff man is not one of those guys.

According to the Arizona Daily Sun, police are surprisingly referring to that man as a “victim” after a 20-year-old Northern Arizona University sorority girl ran into his apartment last Friday afternoon, removed her clothing, jumped on his bed and asked, “Am I pretty?”

Instead of saying “Hell yeah,” the man called police. When they arrived at his apartment, they found Makena Marie Haydon (pictured above, photo via Facebook) naked as a jaybird on the second-floor exterior balcony “yelling incoherently.”

Haydon eventually went back inside and put on her underwear, but her adventure was far from over, as she then “launched herself at an officer who was climbing the stairs toward her.” Despite her best efforts, the officer was able to put Haydon in cuffs and escort her to the squad car, but not before she declared that she “loved marijuana.”

And she wasn’t lying, as officers found two bags of weed in her pants pockets when they went back to retrieve her clothing.

Haydon has been charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, trespassing, misdemeanor marijuana possession, resisting arrest and aggravated assault of a police officer, which all could have been avoided if she would have run into any other dude’s apartment.

Haydon is lucky she got arrested in America. In Paraguay, they would have made her dance at the cop shop: Officer Busted Dancing With Naked Woman at Station