Canadian Woman Found Naked In Stranger’s Bathtub

Photo: gilaxia (Getty)

There are some of us who would come home and find a naked woman in our bathtub and consider that to be a blessing or perhaps even the greatest day of our lives.

But for one Kingston, Ontario woman, finding a naked stranger in her bathtub garnered pretty much the exact opposite response.

According to CTV News, a woman returned to her Kingston residence Sunday night, but instead of relaxing on the couch with some hot chocolate and a binge session of This Is Us, she was forced to call the police because there was a naked lady in her “unfilled bathtub.”

When the homeowner asked the woman what the hell she was doing, the naked stranger apparently tried to convince her that she was her new roommate.

Yeah, that didn’t work, and police arrived on the scene a short while later. The 42-year-old woman was still naked and the tub was still unfilled when officers pulled her out of the tub and put her in handcuffs. She has been charged with “being in a dwelling unit unlawfully and two counts of breaching her probation.”

The fact that she was already on probation should be surprising to nobody.

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