This Popular App Enabled Sleep Mask Can Actually Help You Stop Snoring

If you’re feeling tired all the time, there are things you can do to help you sleep better — Like yoga, for instance. But if you or your bed partner are habitual snorers, then it’s unlikely that any amount of stretching is going to help. Which is why, if your bedroom often sounds like a freight train is running through it on a nightly basis, you might consider trying the Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask instead.

The Hupnos sleep mask is an app enabled tool designed to help people stop snoring. The mask has sensors sewn right into the lining that determine your sleep position and whether or not you happen to be snoring. If the mask detects that you are sleeping on your back, it will vibrate to prompt you to change positions. And if it senses that you are snoring, then it will vibrate again.

The mask’s vibrations are very gentle. It won’t jolt you awake as that would obviously defeat the purpose. Instead, the mask emits only a slight buzz that’s so light it won’t fully wake you. Your body will register the vibration on a subconscious level, however, and that is usually enough to make you change positions when the mask prompts you to do so.

The Hupnos is made with premium microfiber so it’s very comfortable to wear. It features an adjustable strap, it’s easy to clean, and the companion app works with both iOS and Android devices. It’s so innovative, in fact, that the Hupnos anti-snoring sleep mask has been featured by the likes of Men’s Health, Engadget, Forbes, AARP, and more.

If you or your partner has a problem with snoring, it could lead to other and far more complex medical issues. So put an end to it with the Hupnos anti-snoring sleep mask which is on sale for an affordable $94.99 — more than half off the regular price for a limited time. 

Prices subject to change.