These Bikes Will Get You From Point A to Point B Without Breaking the Bank or Your Back

Driving is a dangerous activity for myriad reasons, if only because it’s a complete menace to your wallet at the gas pump. Not only that, but cars and anything with an engine are killing the earth slowly. Even if you go electric, you’re supporting Elon Musk, who can be kind of a…well…you know. That’s why we’ve turned our attention to biking whenever we can, but with a ride that is lightweight, easy to maneuver, and gets us from point A to point B with elegance. Here are five bikes that let you put the pedal to the metal (figuratively speaking, of course).

El Tigre II Bicycle

The El Tigre gets its name from, not only being as fast as a tiger, but just as sleek. With a ‘flip-flop hub’ for fixed-gear cruising and a superlight, 26-pound body, this baby not only gets you where you need to be in absolutely no time, but it’s also perfect for riding solo just about anywhere.  Get the El Tigre II Bicycle for $349 (Reg. $499).

The Duke II Bicycle

With all the same features as above, The Duke has a super niche beach vibe for all the days you’re cruising down the boardwalk. Named after Duke Kahanamoku, it’s got a vintage beachcomber look with a lightweight feel you can take anywhere. Get The Duke II Bicycle for $349 (Reg. $499).

The Foamside II Bicycle

Feeling blue? This bike and its aqua rims are the perfect accessories to our transportation collection. Equipped with all the same bells and whistles as El Tigre, this bike is perfect for a short trip to the store or 100 city blocks of traffic. Get The Foamside II Bicycle for $349 (Reg. $499).

The Micklish II Bicycle

While we can’t offer you a bike made of 24K gold, we can definitely jazz up your ride in terms of style. This bike features a matte black body, gold rims, and a host of envious looks wherever you ride it. Built with all of the same features as the above three, this lightweight bike will only look like it’s dripping in heavy gold. Get The Micklish II Bicycle for $349 (Reg. $499).

The Overthrow II Bicycle

Last but not least, The Overthrow model is a no-frills kind of bike. Ready for work, play, or anything in between, the bike is a perfect mix of stylish and comfortable. Just add a jet black helmet and you’ll be a 007 on double wheels. Get The Overthrow II Bicycle for $349 (Reg. $499).

Prices subject to change.