If You’ve Ever Wanted to Combine Your Favorite Liquor and Java, These Coffee Beans Are For You

Tired of your current cup of joe? We’re not sure what’s currently in your go-to early AM sludge, but we’re almost sure it isn’t crafted in a whisky barrel, waiting for you to take it down the gullet before those Monday meetings cause you good grief. The Whiskey Barrel-Aged Clout Dark Roast Coffee Gift Bottle is the perfect way to mix your Monday morning and Friday evening vices without the hangover or headache directly after.

Alright caffeine crazies, here’s what you get with the Whiskey Barrel Aged Clout Dark Roast Coffee Gift Bottle. Perfect for yourself, that special someone in your life, or just a random coworker you completely forgot to acknowledge on their birthday, this spiffy bottle of coffee is more than just a cool cup of joe, it’s also a super cool centerpiece and conversation starter. These coffee beans are paired intricately with fresh barrels they would use to make whisky for a complete overhaul on your good morning lag (or 3:00 groggy feeling). After the beans soak up all that savory barrel goodness, they are roasted in-house in small batches, packaged in super awesome glass bottles, and delivered to your door.

So, what does the coffee actually taste like? Well, besides the oaky flavor you might find in a high-class glass of whisky, you’re also going to be delightfully assaulted with notes of extra smooth earthy and vanilla flavors as your strong brew gets your brain juices flowing and your body going. And, if that’s not enough, the glass bottle the beans are delivered in can be used as a decorative agent on your coffee bar and keep the beans ultra-fresh for whenever you need a jolt. Just a heads up that this coffee does not contain any alcohol, so you’re good to enjoy it with friends and family under the age of 21. It’s so damn good, you’re going to want to take it on the go wherever you end up (especially if that place is a plane ride away).

Get the Whiskey Barrel Aged Clout Dark Roast Coffee Gift Bottle for $45.99 (Reg. $49).

Prices subject to change.


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