This Water Bottle Holds Both Your Drink and Your Snacks (As Long as They’re Good Snacks)

If we’ve learned anything in this life (especially the last 15 months around the sun) it’s these three fundamental truths: people will do just about anything for 15 minutes of fame, dogs will never let you down, and there’s nothing worse than a lukewarm drink on any given day. Sure, we could offer you a fancy-schmancy tumbler to rectify the problem, but what if we gave you a fancy-schmancy tumbler AND a place to store snacks, keys, and other essentials all in one bottle? Welcome to the stage, the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle.

A lot going on with FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle, so let’s unpack it all. First and most important, it features a dual-chamber system, meaning the outer chamber keeps your liquids just as you like them, and the inner chamber? Well, that’s for snacks, obvi (you can put other stuff in there too, but nothing is at important as that stale trail mix you found in the back of your cupboard that you promised your spouse you would eat the day you bought it six months ago–it’s the principal, you know?). The heavy-duty stainless steel vacuum isolation keeps your drinks either ice cold or steaming hot, depending on your drink of choice, making it the ultimate vessel for those of us constantly on the go. Both ends have low-profile caps that lock in air-tight, making sure none of your essentials spill, get stale, or find their way onto an unsuspecting friend’s lap when you share your gross trail mix.

Need to take this show on the road? Of course you do, and we’ve got you covered. The unique carrying handle includes a rubber grip across the center of the bottle, this way you’re never inconvenienced by trying to dip and dodge your way around a backpack or carrying case to get some sweet, sweet nectar.

See what Food Network, Men’s Journal, and POPSUGAR are raving about. Get the FLPSDE Dual Chamber Water Bottle for $35.

Prices subject to change.


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