This Putting Simulator Will Make Sure Your Golf Game Doesn’t Suck

Though you have explored plenty of opportunities to expose the great outdoors for all it’s worth since shutdown, there really is nothing better than getting behind that nine iron and hitting a few balls down the green. And, even though all of the courses have opened up and are ready for business, it’s okay to be a little skeptical of people, because some people are (scientifically speaking) incredibly dumb. Stay home and practice your swing with the Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator.

Ready putt-putt fans? Of course you are. With three modes including practice, challenge, and play, and an easy-to-use interface, this bad boy does a killer job measuring things like putter path trajectory, distance with accuracy, and impact angles right from your living room. And, because we know the kitchen doesn’t have many sand traps (unless it does, in which case, time to invest in a good vacuum), this baby also simulates things like breaks, slopes, green speeds, and speed. Just connect the included camera up to your TV and, bam, you’ve got hours of enjoyment on the virtual links.

So, what else does the Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator do? So glad you asked. Outside of making sure you don’t freeze your tush off in the cold weather months by giving you a warm space to practice your back nine (AKA inside your house), You’ll also get to reap the benefits of tour-level green speed and conditions. Want real-time stats? No problem, this mat gives them to you right after impact. The best part? Very minimal effort n your end, since the low elastic stopper brings the ball back to you and cancels noises for putts up to 20 yards.

Get the Exputt: Real-Time Putting Simulator, which includes the mat, satchel, camera, wiring, manual, and stickers, for $359.10 (Reg. $399) with code EXPUTT10.

Prices subject to change.


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