Enjoy the Green With Your Kids Using This TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator

We’re inching towards summer, which is always a great thing (unless the whole world turns into one big ball of flames, in which case, not great). And, with the warm temps creeping in, you’re going to want to find an activity both you and the kids can enjoy together before they start picking up weird hobbies. Try this TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator to prepare your kid to hit the outdoor links just in time for summer.

Ready to get your kiddo on the green? This simulator is a fancy alternative approach to learning the game of golf for the littles while also giving them something to do so you can finish up work without distractions. Paired with E6 CONNECT software, the simulator analyzes and displays swing data after every putt, so the fam jam never has to wonder how their play is. And, with a sensor that gathers the data in real-time, everyone can learn what kind of golfer they are (don’t say a crappy one, they’re just kids for Pete’s sake).

Worried about jacked-up clubs? This set is the creme of the crop, so it’s hard to let kids run the roost when they ruin everything. Fear not, because this set comes with an impact trainer, which is a weighted trainer for batter assistance and less inclination to ruin your house and a new toy. The click function allows for an authentic impact sensation, so it’s not “Hey dad! Look at this!” and a club goes directly through your TV.

And, for the kiddos who want to take it to the next level, there are plenty of skill-building exercises to take advantage of in the software, so every lesson is fresh and ready to teach something new. And, if your kid thinks they’re the new Tiger or Rory, there are 97 programmed courses from all over the country in 3D (you know, to take them down a few pegs).

Get the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, which includes the E6 Connect software, TruGolf mini sensor, impact trainer, and swing path mat, for $299 (Reg. $399).

Prices subject to change.