Need to Step Up Your Gaming Gear? This Goplus Reclining Massage Gaming Chair Should Help

Everybody has a hobby they love. For some of us it’s cooking, for others, it’s heading out to the great outdoors, and for a very select few, there’s something a little more, uh, alternative. But a good chunk of us love nothing more than sitting back at night and enjoying the good old fashioned family fun that comes with making your 10-year-old cousin cry over the internet via video games. Such a tall order deserves a throne fit for a king or queen of gaming, that’s where we come in. Cue in the Goplus Reclining Massage Gaming Chair. 

Alright gamer guys and gals, here’s what ya get with this chair: with an adjustable seat height from 18″ to 22″, 330lb weight limit, and high back with thick sponge and padded seat, this chair is perfect for any gamer no matter how big, tall, small, or achy. The ergonomic armrest is created specifically to reduce pressure, and the. massage lumbar support is there to be your new BFF for those long nights with your buds in the COD Gulag. Also included is an extended footrest with a thick sponge sewn in, so your feet always stay nice and propped.

Okay, let’s talk about flexibility here, because you’re gonna need that while dominating GTA. You can adjust the backrest on this bad boy 90°-155°, in case you want to take a little nap between turns being the imposter in Among Us, and can swivel 360° for in case you don’t. We suggest working (ew) at 90°, gaming at 120°, watching TV at 140°, and Napping at 155°, but do whatever makes you the most comfortable to spank all of your teammates and enemies next time you’re behind the controllers.

Get the Goplus Reclining Massage Gaming Chair for $209.99 (Reg. $319).

Prices subject to change.