Need a Fun Way to Dry off All of Your Bits? This Air Controlled Body Dryer Should Help

Summer is almost upon us, and while the world is working on slowly getting back to normal, there’s still going to be a lot of at-home time. The great news is that you are a pool owner, which means limitless amounts of fun outside for everyone and everything, but countless hours mopping up water trekked in by irresponsible swimmers inside. Keep your home and your friends dry without paying a small fortune for new pool towels when you snag this hands-free Viatek Body Dryer.

Ready to get the warm fuzzies blasted straight to your body at 100 MPH? This fun little invention alleviates the need for dingy, musty, oftentimes still wet from last use towels and provides a full dry by using temp-controlled air. There’s no way to mess this up, just step on the padding, and bam, gravity sensors will begin blowing a nice breeze for easy and fast drying, making it perfect for those of us who are always late and have little time for toweling or those of us who are just plain lazy (it’s okay, we’ve been there).

The best part? Because we know that everyone could use a blast of warm air, this machine is perfect for everyone up to 350lbs. That means your partner, your friends, even your bullmastiff can ditch the robe and take advantage of completely hands-free drying. By the way, not that we’re not down for a rousing round of the no-pants dance, but if you are planning on drying yourself off as the good lord intended, just make sure you’re doing it inside. We’re not responsible for any creepy nudist vibes you bring to your neighborhood, and the blower works just fine while you’re decent.

Get the Viatek Body Dryer for $249.99 (Reg. $299).

Prices subject to change.