This DIY Drone Building Kit Is On Sale For Over 70% Off For President’s Day

Last year turned everyone into dumpster-fire humans, this year has already made people act hella weird, and we can’t even imagine what the spring and summer will look like when the crazies come out from hibernation. Seems like you’ll need a hobby that requires very little human interaction. There are a few options here, and some are a little riskier than others, but building a drone is probably one of the most fun socially distant projects you can get behind. I mean, you’ve been dying to see what Bernie across the way puts on his wings while grilling out back, it’s a perfect time to find out with this DIY Drone Builder Kit. As an added bonus, it’s on sale for an extra 15% off with code PREZ2021, but only for a limited time.

Ready to tinker? Using this kit to put together a sweet drone is fun for you, the whole family, or even your dog (okay, maybe not him, he doesn’t have thumbs). While building, you’ll be a true DIY hero in just a few short maneuvers around the ol’ drone circuit boards. Within minutes you’ll be soaring high, saying “howdy!” to birds, checking out what’s growing on that decrepit oak tree, and house-sitting for Patricia down the street while she’s away like you promised you would (it’s unconventional, but it works, ok, Patty?).

The kit comes with a circuit scribe conductive ink pen, four motors, eight propellers, a drone hub with an on-board camera, battery, battery charger, two PCB arms, six cardboard arms, and a free iOS/Android CS Pilot app, so you have everything you need to spy on the neighbors this summer like you know you’re going to.

Get the DIY Drone Builder Kit for $25.48 (reg. $59.99) with code PREZ2021.

Prices subject to change.

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