4 Food-Related Guinness World Records That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

Photo: RyanJLane (Getty Images)

Every year, Guinness World Records releases a book of the latest outrageous record-breaking feats from around the world. The tradition dates back to 1955 and the book sells in over 100 countries. It’s a colorful and fun-filled read packed with amusing pictures and stunning records. It covers almost every subject, from entertainment to science to food. What possible edible-related records could there be? Well, here are few.

1. The Highest Number of Sausages Made in a Minute

A lot can happen in 60 seconds. Nicholas Cage and a group of criminals can steal a car, people can book 1,389 Uber rides, and 78 sausages can be made in that time. Yes, Irish butcher Barry John Crowe broke the record of the number of hand-linked sausages made in a minute. If you ever make it to Ireland, stop by his deli, where he serves 36 different flavors.

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2. The Largest Pizza Commercially Available

Everyone loves pizza. They love it so much, they can’t get enough of it, which is why people have been trying to create the longest one. Previously, a California restaurant held the record with their 54″ x 54″ “Giant Sicilian.” pie. This year, however, the Moontower Pizza Bar in Texas managed to take the title. Their 96″ x 32″ “The Bus” pizza costs almost $300 and comes with the slogan “three thousand seventy-two square inches of yum.” If you have a lot of money and an appetite to match, consider giving them a call. Just make sure you do so 48 hours in advance, as “The Bus” takes a bit to prepare.

Photo: Matthew Horwood / Contributor (Getty Images)

3. Most Marmite Eaten Within A Minute

We now know people can do a lot of cool stuff in only 60 seconds. Andre Ortolf decided to eat almost nine ounces of savory British spread Marmite with his minute. That isn’t the only food Ortolf likes to eat at a rapid pace. He also holds the record for the most mashed potatoes, peanut butter, baby food, yogurt, chocolate spread, and jelly consumed with chopsticks in a minute. If you want to break a bunch of records and damage your health simultaneously, empty your fridge and set a timer. After all, a record is a record.

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4. The Heaviest Carrot

In 2014, Peter Glazebrook from the U.K. grew a 20-pound carrot and got himself a well-deserved world record. Before that, Irishman John V.R. Evans held that record with his 19-pound vegetable. Then a 22-pound carrot from Minnesota came along and broke both those records. The carrot’s owner, Chris Qualley, said weather conditions helped create the giant vegetable during its nine-month growth.