Unusual Facts | The Weirdest World Records Ever Achieved

Sixty six surfers from Huntington Beach ride the world’s largest surfboard as they break the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ record for the largest number of surfers ever to ride a wave on a single surfboard, at Huntington Beach, California on June 20, 2015. Photo: Mark Ralston (Getty Images).

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thumbed through an old copy of The Guinness Book of World Records. Maybe not directly, but you’ve been exposed to people who have. For instance, when The Simpsons paid homage to the “world’s fattest twins.” (And since it was done by The Simpsons, it also had to be done by Family Guy.)

That’s just one example of how pervasive world records can be. Now, if you’ve ever seen an actual copy of the book, you remember that it was pretty thick. There have been a whole bunch of world records, and keeping track of them is hard work. So we skimmed through them and found you the weirdest ones ever achieved!

The Weirdest World Records Ever Achieved:

1. “Most Pierced Man,” Rolf Bucholz of Germany — 453 piercings

Rolf was recently denied entry into the UAE because the officials thought he was involved in “black magic.” It’s weird that a nation still believes in “black magic” as grounds to not allow someone into the country. Perhaps the bigger question is how does he get out of his country? It probably takes him 4 hours to get wanded down with the metal detector.

2. “World’s Largest Bikini Photo Shoot,” Bondi Beach, Australia — 1,010 women

This one isn’t that “weird” but it’s certainly a record I can get behind! Cosmopolitan Magazine helped organize this gathering of women, and to them we say, “thank you.”

3. “The Longest Fingernails,” Lee Redmond of United States — total length: 8.65 m (28 ft 4.5 in)

She started to grown them out in 1979 and achieved the record in 2008. It’s a good thing she got the record in ’08 because a year later she lost them in a car accident. Can you imagine spending 40 years not being able to bathe or wipe properly, taking great care not to use your hands, and then it all comes to an end because of a car accident. But hey, at least she got the record and can now live a normal life!

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4. “Smallest Waist,” Cathie Jung of United States — 6 inches

This is just crazy. I’m no physicist, but the law of conservation of mass tells me that all her internal organs are being squished up into her chest and down into her pelvis. I’d be worried about pooping out my intestines if I had a corset on that tight.

5. “Most Human Targets Hit with Plungers in One Minute,” Gerhard Donie of Germany — 15 plungers

This is the weirdest world record in my opinion. Like, how did you figure out you could throw plungers at people and get them to stick? And to no one’s surprise, this was achieved on a Japanese TV show.

6. “Longest Fart,” Mr. Methane — 59 seconds

Mr. Methane is a performance “fartist” who has been on shows like Howard Stern and anyplace else that needs a cheap laugh. Watch how much he is straining there at the end. Dude is about to blow his O-ring. And frankly, I’m glad he wears a mask. Can you image showing your face after narrowly crapping your pants for money?

7. “Longest Tongue (female),” Chanel Tapper of United States — 3.8 inches long

Ever watched a cow stick its tongue into its nose and thought, “why can’t I do that?” Well, Chanel can do that. And she recommends just buying a neti pot.

8. “Largest External Foot Rotation,” Maxwell Day of the United Kingdom — 157 degrees

Watching the video on the Guinness website reminds me of horrific leg injuries, like when you know someone broke their leg just by the way their foot is pointing the wrong way. It’s weird to look at the pictures too. Although, it’s probably a pretty cool trick to gross out 14 year-old girls. Go get’em Max!

9. “Most Garters Removed with Teeth,” Ivo Grosche from Germany — Removed 26 garter belts using his teeth in a period of one minute

The world record for the ‘bikini photo shoot’ was a ploy by Cosmopolitain Magazine, this one just seems like a ploy from Ivo to put his teeth on women’s legs. I mean, do what you have to do, but their are probably less weird ways to do it.

10. “The Most Dangerous Ant,” coastal regions in Australia — Bulldog ant (Myrmecia pyriformis)

Everything in Australia wants to kill you. It’s just a fact. These ants are vicious and don’t give a flip that you are millions of times bigger than them. These ants have killed humans. Seriously, click on the link and read what the Guinness people wrote.

11. “The Most Canned Drinks Opened by a Parrot,” Zac the Macaw from the United States — Cans opened in one minute: 35

Now this is a pet trick I can get behind. People with exotic pets seem like they are doing it for the attention, but if your exotic pet can help out at parties, then by all means, get an exotic pet.

12. “Shortest World Leader,” Benito Juarez, President of Mexico — 4 feet, 6 inches

Most people think Napoleon was short, but he was 5’6″, a full foot taller than Benito. And there have been a lot of short leaders. Like North Korea’s late leader, Kim Jong Ill, who was 5’3″, but often wore platform shoes to make himself look taller.


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