Va. Teen Shatters Guinness World Record For Pull-Ups

Most of us were playing Mario Kart and listening to Backstreet Boys when we were 17. But Andrew Shapiro is breaking world records.

The 17-year-old Virginia high school student set three new world records for pull-ups during a recent Relay For Life event. His motivation? His father.

The teen’s dad is a colon cancer survivor, so en route to doing a ridiculous amount of pushups, Shapiro raised a ridiculous amount of lettuce for cancer research. 

But details regarding the new records he shattered are insane.

Washington Post:

Beginning Saturday at 8 a.m., he started his pull-up marathon. Within six hours, the Langley High School junior completed 3,515 pull-ups — a new world record. By 12 hours, he had finished 5,742 pull-ups — another world record. Then he set his sights on a final record — the most pull-ups performed in 24 hours: 6,800 completed by Czech Republic athlete Jan Kares in 2015.

At the 15-hour mark, Shapiro matched Kares’ 24-hour record and kept going. After 18 hours of pull-ups, Shapiro stopped, having put his chin above the bar 7,306 times. His family set up three video cameras to continuously record Shapiro’s attempt while 15 judges observed his efforts and completed paperwork to certify the achievement for the Guinness World Records books.

So, ya, Andrew beat the 6, 12 and 24-hour records in 18 hours. According to reports, his break snacks included pineapple and sushi, the first being a natural anti-inflammatory and the latter being his protein.

Honey, go to the store and pick up a cart full of sushi and pineapple. I want to be 17 again.

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