A Live Action “Trailer” For ‘Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie’ Is Here And It’s As Weird And Confronting As You’d Expect

It’s hard to tell what is real in the media world today, but odds are the recently released “trailer” for Bob’s Burgers spinoff movie Bob’s Burgers Live: The Movie isn’t actually spruiking a feature film (as original as the idea of making a film about a stage show is, ahem Birdman ahem).

Despite that –  or because of it – the “trailer” still delivers all the weird and confronting humour you’d expect from the show which has had us here at Crave HQ in fits and stitches, because as you all know there’s only one thing we here at Crave love more than weird and confronting humour.

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Featuring the show’s voice actors Dan Mintz (Tina), H. Jon Benjamin (Bob), Eugene Mirman (Gene), John Roberts (Linda), Larry Murphy (Teddy), Kevin Kline (Mr. Fischoeder), David Herman (Mr. Frond), and creator Loren Bouchard, all playing themselves, it was written and directed by Kristen Schaal (who plays Louise and is also in the trailer snorting lots of blue “prop coke”).

Boasting everything from Eugene Mirman playing his own Mermaid girlfriend to Kevin Kline pulling a doll out of Larry Murphy’s ass, it’s sure to satisfy fans of the show/anyone with a dark and twisted sense of humour.

But why take my word for it when you can subject your own fragile psyches to it here?


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