A Tribute To Kobe Bryant’s Career, Legendary Final Game

What. A. Night.

Wednesday night in the NBA had it all.

A new all-time wins record set by the Warriors while Steph Curry drained his insane record 400th three? Sure. Why not?

But what happened nearly 400 miles to the south is what was truly shocking.

Kobe Bryant’s final game — a 101-96 win against the Jazz, but in the process, Kobe sinking 60 points.

Staples Center was in a frenzy, watching Kobe become the oldest player in the history of the NBA to score 60 points in a game. Not bad for a guy who’s been a walking mummy for most of the season and started the year with a montage of air balls. Heck, Kobe wasn’t even expected to play more than 36 minutes, but his teammates kept feeding him the ball … over and over and over again.

In the end, Kobe took 50 shots, but made 22 of them. The biggest shot of the night was this go-ahead jumper in the final minute that made all of Los Angeles go bonkers.

But the coolest moment of the night came before the game, with this in-house video tribute to Kobe from current and former coaches, players and teammates — even Lamar Odom made an appearance. 

(Starts at 3:20)

Now a look back at Kobe’s legendary 20-year career with the Lakers, a career that gave L.A. 5 championships.

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