Watch: Lorde Sings ‘South Park’ Spoof Song

Reality is getting a little too meta for its own good. Lorde, aka Randy Marsh, has made “appearances” on the previous two episodes of South Park, and now the weirdo Kiwi chanteuse is imitating art imitating life. But don’t get your hopes up, she’s not dressing up as a 45 year old transsexual geologist.

Lorde mentioned the strange parody in a new interview with Campbell Live on TV3 in New Zealand. While discussing her curation of the upcoming Hunger Games soundtrack, conversation turned to “South Park,” and the song which character Randy Marsh (Stan’s dad), who portrays her on the episodes, uses as his cover as he attempts to fool others into thinking he’s the teenage singer.

It’s just two seconds long, but it includes Lorde getting done the chief aspects of South Park‘s caricature: “Ya ya ya, I’m Lorde, ya ya ya,” she sings, laughing. And that’s worth three seconds of your time.


She does a pretty good cover, but the original is where it’s at:



Image: DailyMail


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