Remember When Kids Show ‘Arthur’ Once Did A ‘South Park’ Parody?

Screenshot: YouTube

Everyone knows that Arthur is one of the best cartoons of the ’90s as the show has continued to grow in popularity — we all know the memes. But another show that is massively popular is the very raunchy, and not for kids at all show, South Park. But guess what? PBS actually did a South Park parody on an episode of Arthur.

The parody occurred way back in 1999 in an episode titled “The Contest,” which involves the kids writing a story for a prize. And while each of their stories is acted out in a different animation style, it’s Buster’s story about an alien abduction that is played out in clearly a South Park style.

Check out the great parody below. And for you South Park fans, see if you can catch the references.

Remember When Kids Show ‘Arthur’ Once Did A ‘South Park’ Parody?

The above scene parodies the classic aliens and Kenny death scenes as you can tell by the whole “You killed Buster!” line.

Pretty crazy that PBS allowed this to air, but then again no one watching Arthur probably noticed it unless their parents weren’t aware that their child was also watching South Park. But now we know that some of those Arthur writers were big South Park fans.


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