Funko Pop! Figures on Sale to Start Your Very Own Collection

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The word “collectible” could pertain to a lot of things. You may have spent this year collecting baked goods and plants while your set of dumbbells collected dust. Meh, no judgment, here, but we do recommend collecting pop culture. You could binge-watch those ol’ reliable ’90s sitcoms or spend your days hunting for memes, but we’re talking about bulking up that Funko Pop! collection instead. Here are 15 of the iconic vinyl figures for you to fawn over while lamenting that whole Comic-Con thing (thanks, 2020).

Your favorite characters from Rick and Morty, Lord of the Rings, Mad Max Fury Road, The Walking Dead, Hellboy, Dragon Ball Z, IT, and South Park are now on sale for your enjoyment, whether you want to display them proudly or hang onto them for a possible windfall later. Even our old friend Bob Ross makes a Funko Pop! appearance painting happy little trees, to round out his pandemic popularity.

The great thing about Funko Pop! is that there is truly something for everyone. New to Funko Pop!? It is most certainly not your average collectible. The figurines come from all areas of pop culture, from your typical comic book heroes to random cultural icons and celebs like the Pillsbury Doughboy and Tupac Shakur.

Chances are your vintage shot glass collection from around the world hasn’t seen new additions lately and won’t anytime soon, so why not switch it up? Funko Pop! figures are reminiscent of your childhood, easy to sell and swap, and are just plain fun. Starting your collection here and now is affordable, too, thanks to these on-sale Funko Pop! figurines.

Grab Lord of the Rings Hobbit Lurtz, Hobbit Gollum, Mad Max Fury Road Furiosa, The Walking Dead Ezekiel, 10th Anniversary Hulk, Joy of Painting Bob Ross (or Bob Ross with a paintbrush), Hellboy, Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Goku, 10th Anniversary Black Widow, or the 2-pack of Police Rick and Morty all 9% off.


Need a pop protector? Check out IT Pennywise with a severed arm, South Park Terrance, or Phillip—all three have one included and are also 9% off.


Or, hey, you could just go totally rouge and grab the mystery starter box, which comes with 6 Funko Pop! figures. This usually runs for about $88, but it’s yours for $80.48, also 9% off.

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