SXSW Interview: Brick + Mortar Talk Kanye, Springsteen & Their New Video

Last year we introduced you to the uniquely captivating sounds of Brick + Mortar with an exclusive premiere of their new track “Locked in a Cage,” and we’re thrilled to see the guys hitting a high stride in 2014, with an increasingly rabid fanbase.

Formed in 2010 to a sharp trajectory of interest and enthusiasm, the duo – comprised of Brandon Asraf on guitar, bass, and vocals and John Tacon on drums – deliver an anomalous dose of indie drum and bass, a uniquely strong sound is supplemented by seamlessly bright production on their latest release, Bangs.

We caught up with the guys as they made their way through the musical hurricane of SXSW, and discussed the band’s new video for “Locked in a Cage,” which features a sound that blends the expressionism of Various Cruelties with the rhythmic hypnosis of Alt-J. The guys also dive into their love for hip-hop, before running through a little quiz on New Jersey – and we think they held their own on hometown trivia.

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