Exclusive Premiere: Lollapalooza 2013 Artist Brick + Mortar Deliver Riveting ‘Locked In a Cage’


CraveOnline is proud to premiere the latest track from the duo of Brandon Asraf and John Tacon, better known as Brick + Mortar.

Formed in 2010 to a sharp trajectory of interest and enthusiasm, the video for their song "Bangs" made waves with a powerful bass overload and visual ultraviolence that's poignantly rooted in the life of Asraf's father. The real-life nature of the presentation brought a deeper sense of meaning to the art B&M were driven to make.  

"This video opened the door for us to be more than a band. People seem to wait for that song to sing their hearts out at shows," explains Asraf of the impact the single has had on the band. "Bangs" was released on Mad Dragon Records as part of Motion City Soundtrack's Making Moves series, where the band featured their personal favorite rising artists in special 7" releases.

And now, with the arrival of "Locked In a Cage" exclusively on CraveOnline, Brick + Mortar furthers the depth of connectivity to humanity's present struggles – and salvation.

“Locked In A Cage” is about being feeling exactly that… trapped," Asraf explains. "No matter how trapped you are, your imagination helps you escape, “A little drop of dreams can go so far." That's something that always stuck with me growing up.

Through a sound that blends the expressionism of Various Cruelties with the rhythmic hypnosis of Alt-J, "Locked In a Cage" is an infectiously good track that confirms a well of inspiration Brick + Mortar bring to the table.

Aside from touring Brick + Mortar will also be busy with several other projects this fall, including putting out a fully animated music video created by artist Richie Brown and focusing on writing for their debut full length. 

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