Watch Facebook’s New AI-Powered ‘Builder Bot’ Presentation to Glimpse How Much the Future Looks Like a Bad Episode of ‘South Park’

Out of all the billionaires currently in the running for Overlord of the Human Race, Mark Zuckerberg is probably our last choice. And that is why his bullish investment in the metaverse is frightening. Like a pushy great-aunt who forces you to wear the ugly sweater she bought you for Easter, Zuckerberg’s insistence on being the architect of the future all but assures VR will soon become the string that binds us all together. But as lofty as Facebook’s vision for 2035 is, their crunk-ass Builder Bot app is a very humble beginning.

The AI-powered app allows users to construct a metaverse kingdom in real-time via spoken commands. For instance, you can say “Hey Builder Bot, put a cooler filled with ice-cold White Claw under my penis-shaped cactus,” and your AI servant will do exactly that.

And while that sounds (in theory), like a fun gateway to pod life at its finest, in practice the experience falls embarrassingly short. Imagine a holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation but with the graphics capability of a 9-year-old using a six-pack of colored markers from Walmart.

Someday, when virtual constructs surpass reality in terms of sensory experience, Zuckerberg’s quest to build The Matrix for all humankind will be fully realized. Until then, the best feature of Builder Bot is probably how much it improves Zuckerberg’s appearance. (Who knew a low-res, pixelated version of his face would be much easier to look at than the real thing?)

Hey Builder Bot? Can we get someone else to author our future without permission, please?

Cover Photo: Facebook (YouTube)


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