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‘If AOC Was Fat and in Her 60s, Would Anyone Listen?’ Asks Almost 60 and Kind of Fat Comedian Adam Carolla

Comedians are known for being loudmouths, but sometimes, their comments aren’t very funny. Nor do their opinions need to be heard by everyone on the internet. Alas, try telling that to celebrities who’ve enjoyed a little too much white male privilege, like Adam Carolla.

The Man Show creator and Trump supporter recently took a shot at New York City Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez during an appearance on Hannity.

“Here’s a quick thought experiment,” he said. “If AOC was fat and in her 60s, would anyone listen to another thing she ever said?”

Even Sean Hannity recognized the aging podcaster had gone too far with that comment, because he responded, “Oh, boy. You’re going to step in that one.”

But wait, it gets worse. Not only did Carolla keep running his mouth off, he doubled down, calling AOC “young, vibrant and beautiful” before declaring that her “opinions are idiotic 95 percent of the time.” In conclusion, he stated, “I don’t think, if she was a middle-aged, heavyset woman, anyone would care what she had to say.”

If we are to follow Carolla’s logic, it’s that the public doesn’t pay attention to old, overweight people…which makes us wonder why the former Loveline host thinks anyone is still listening to him, given that he’s 57 and not exactly the picture of health himself.

Oh, but wait, Carolla was only commenting on women. Because apparently, if you are female, you have to be beautiful to be worthy of being heard, a standard that definitely doesn’t apply to men (see: Carolla, Hannity, Trump, etc. etc. etc.)

We happen to like what Twitter user Norman Ornstein had to say about the matter:

And with that, Adam, consider yourself canceled. Misogyny is no joke.

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