RANKED! The 10 Worst SNL Hosts After Elon Musk Announces He’s Next

SNL has had some impressive hosts over its 45-year lifespan, some of them downright legendary. But just like anything half a century old, there are plenty of warts to go around.

Like the time Chevy Chase hosted in 1978 and got into a fistfight with Bill Murray, then two decades later slapped a female cast member on the head. Or how about when Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps flatlined for 90 straight minutes. Dare we even mention Andrew Dice Clay or MC Hammer?

Because Saturday Night Live rides the wave of current events, cast members often get saddled with whoever’s hot and trending that month, despite the lack of talent or comedy chops the host brings to the table.

Which explains why SNL is rolling out the red carpet for Elon Musk. The billionaire CEO and self-proclaimed “Dogefather” is the most recent rando to be tapped by the comedy gods (um, Lorne Michaels) to host SNL, much to the dismay of fans and cast members alike.

And we totally share the feeling. It’s one thing to be a slightly smirk-worthy personality in 280 characters or less on Twitter (all while maintaining a reputation as the billionaire rebel, whatever the hell that means). But hosting America’s most-watched sketch comedy show in front of a live studio audience is a doge of a different color.

To be fair, Musk’s pot-smoking guest spots on The Joe Rogan Experience (though notably lacking in laughs) were not bad forays into the entertainment world. And his varied public appearances have yielded more goofy photo ops than a high school quiz show. But if history is any indication, this is going to be one of those weird cultural moments when America is forced to watch a Combadge-shaped peg get jammed into a round hole for an hour and a half.

But even trainwrecks can be a thing of beauty (as long as no one gets hurt). Check out the biggest SNL hosting trainwrecks of all time before tuning in to see if Musk has what it takes to knock one of these miscarriages of comedy off the top ten. Knowing him, we wouldn’t be surprised if he works his way all the way up the list to CEO.

Cover Photo: NBC (Getty Images)

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