Kate Winslet’s ‘Mare of Easttown’ Revives HBO Crime Formula (So Who’s the Killer?)

Mare of Easttown has revived an HBO crime formula we haven’t seen since True Detective’s premiere season. Much like Rustin Cohle and Martin Hart’s 17-year murder investigation, Mare of Easttown is a whodunit that unfolds incrementally. On top of that, it’s a character study following Kate Winslet’s titular detective as her life crumbles and community constantly reminds her that she peaked in high school. Back to the murder mystery: who killed Erin McMenamin? It’s a question viewers have been dissecting week after week by looking for clues, crossing off potential culprits, and yelling “it’s the Deacon!” at their television screens. Fresh off episode 5, “Illusions,” we’ve ranked the show’s prime suspects in preparation for the limited series’ final episodes. (WARNING: Spoilers if you’re not caught up on Mare of Easttown…duh) 

Cover Photo: HBO

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