Mandatory Mobsters: Robert De Niro vs. Al Pacino (Who’s the Greater Crime Boss?)

No law-breaking citizens are better romanticized on screen than mobsters. They’re everyone’s favorite antihero. These rebels operate under an eccentric set of rules and are pretty fricking cool. The greatest mobsters to ever make us fuggedaboutit have been, of course, portrayed by Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. Unfortunately, in the criminal underworld, bad things happen and people die. It takes a puissant crime boss to navigate the tumultuous waters of criminality. As these wise guys now grace our Netflix accounts with The Irishman, let’s see which “capomandamento” has had more success (and gotten dirtier) running a “legitimate business.”

Cover Photo: Netflix

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It’s really no contest. Robert De Niro is the most revered gangster in cinematic history; no one has done it better. Al Pacino is a great actor but his outings as a crime boss are few compared to De Niro’s many. The former’s characters are more traditional (in the mobster sense), iconic and inimitable. Al Pacino may play the crime boss Jimmy Hoffa in The Irishman, but it’s his muscle who will always be the king of crime.

Overall Winner: Robert De Niro

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