Mandatory Rewind: 20 Years of an Americano With Balls in ‘Blow’ (Arguably Depp’s Best)

Twenty years ago, a bleached-blonde Johnny Depp strutted his stuff to the beat of Ram Jam’s “Black Betty,” forever associating himself with cocaine smuggler George Jung aka “Boston George”—the Americano with balls who could take 50 kilos and make them disappear. On March 29, 2001, Ted Demme’s Blow made its way to theaters. The late director’s final feature wasn’t a critical darling, quite the opposite; earning Penélope Cruz a Razzie nomination and enjoying next-to-no commercial success. However, the film marked a high point in Depp’s propensity to play outlaws—the true story of Mr. Jung is something special.

Thanks to its mesmerizing central performance and themes, Blow has been administered by the general population with rolled-up dollar bills. Sure, it starts wild-eyed, excited, and gets a tad melodramatic/irritable near the end but who hasn’t had a good cry? In honor of Blow’s 20th anniversary, we rewind and retell one of Depp’s best.

Cover Photo: New Line Cinema 

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George Jung was released from prison on June 2, 2014 after serving 20 years.

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