Empire Strikes Back

40 Years Later, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Still Gives Us Daddy Issues

A long time ago (40 years to be exact) in a galaxy far, far away, a defining story was told. When one thinks of Star Wars, they think of Darth Vader, the ruthless space wizard-cyborg who serves the evil Galactic Empire. In addition to being a grade-A asshole, Vader is also a horrible father; however, we didn’t know that until Irvin Kershner’s 1980 classic, The Empire Strikes Back.

Episode V proves that audiences take to a good twist like middle-aged men to fake Tinder profiles. Those who don’t recognize the line, “No, I am your father” have either been raised by wolves or exist in a parallel universe where George Lucas was born Amish. That said, The Empire Strikes Back contributes more to Star Wars than just Luke Skywalker’s daddy issues; there’s also that amazing battle on Hoth, Yoda’s game-changing tutelage, and Harrison Ford’s omnipotence. Forty years later, it’s still the most influential entry in the franchise. Here’s why.

Cover Photo: Twentieth Century Fox 

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