Meanwhile in Denmark: There Really Is a Children’s Show Centered Around Man With Giant, Stretchy Penis

There’s no doubt that children’s television shows are strange. There’s a show about a sponge who wears pants with a high pitched voice who lives in a pineapple. There’s also a show about insects who go on adventures to the music of the Beatles. Another show about a tiger and his friends who live in the magical world from Mister Rogers Neighborhood. But all of these strange premises pale in comparison to a new children’s show out of Denmark called John Dillermand.

While there’s nothing strange about the name of the show, the titular John Dillermand has a very strange ability that doesn’t seem kid-friendly. The show, which airs on public television network DR, one of the biggest channels in Denmark, is an animated series that follows the exploits of Dillermand. If it doesn’t seem alarming yet, that’s because we haven’t yet revealed why his adventures are so jarring.

You see, John Dillermand has a giant, flexible, stripped penis that he uses to save children from danger, grab things, and even use it as a type of pogo stick. The show consists of 13 episodes in which the main character’s strange appendage both causes and fixes various scenarios. These include an episode where he walks his dog using his penis, flies away when his penis is attached to balloons, and even has to raise money to pay for a vase that he knocks over with – you guessed it – his penis.

This makes us wonder how the pitch meeting for this show went. When the creators of this show mentioned their idea, how did it not get laughed off immediately? Who knows? If this is any indication, apparently 2021 is going to be just strange as 2020.

Photo: DR

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