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Justice League: Snyder Cut Trailer Shows Us You Can Polish a Turd (10 Things We’re Excited to See)

The first trailer for the Snyder cut of Justice League dropped this past weekend at DC FanDome. From the jump, set to a modern rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” the trailer served as a middle-finger to all those who never thought it’d see the light of day. Jam-packed with Snyder-esque visuals, Darkseid, Barry Allen’s girlfriend, Cyborg’s origin, and a black-suited Superman, one thing is abundantly clear—Zack Snyder’s Justice League is going to be very different from the theatrical cut. 


Years ago, Snyder never finished post-production on his original version due to a personal tragedy. His departure sent the studio into a frenzy; bringing in Joss Whedon at the last minute (who ended up rewriting huge portions of Snyder’s script). The result was a mishmash of creative visions, a generic villain, a senseless plot, and a bad Batfleck. 2017’s  Justice League is now commonly referred to as Frankenstein’s monster. 

For years Warner Bros. denied the existence of a Snyder cut. However, the collective pressure of Snyder’s fans (who knew he had so many?) and the intervention of AT&T, has made Snyder’s Justice League come to fruition as a four-part limited series available on HBO Max in 2021—no more trimmed run times or vaguely visible mustaches—Justice League the way Snyder intended. 

Will it be great? It’ll be better than that turd from 2017. That turd has been polished, repackaged, and is about to be shipped right to our doorstep. In the spirit of consumer appreciation, here are 10 things we’re excited to see in Snyder’s Justice League

Cover Photo: HBO Max

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