13 Dystopian Worlds From Fiction We’d Rather Live in Than This One

A global pandemic has crippled the world. The president is on the verge of crying live on national TV. Prostitutes are accepting toilet paper in lieu of currency. WTF is happening? Now more than ever, it feels like we’re living through a work of dystopian fiction.

Zombie hordes are horrifying. Alien invasions suck eggs. Robot uprisings are major buzzkills, though not quite as bad as season two of Westworld. However, the realities of the coronavirus outbreak are so much worse than any of the make-believe kind. Wouldn’t you rather make out with Catness while dressed as a rock? Or ride a motorcycle through a desert while looking really cool and pensive? We would! Here are 13 dystopian worlds we’d rather live on than this COVID-19-infested one.

Cover photo: Andres Granollers (Getty Images)

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