40-Year Anniversary: Teeing Off With the Hilarious Cast of ‘Caddyshack’ Four Decades Later

Caddyshack is a zany, drug-fueled laugh riot. The rebellious free spirit of the film makes it timeless even if the plot is ridiculous. The movie brought together some of a generation’s best comedians. It catapulted the film careers of Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Rodney Dangerfield. Murray’s improvised one-liners made him a fixture in the pop-cultural landscape. Meanwhile, the legends of raucous antics on and off the set spread.

Many consider this cult classic to be the Apocalypse Now of golf movies. Instead of a jungle of the unconscious, its class war plays out in a country club. For example, the explosions, animatronic gophers, A-list catfights and plenty of nose candy. Somehow, first-time director Harold Ramis held it all together. Caddyshack still pushes boundaries even 40 years after its release. We catch up with what trouble the cast, contributors, and even one puppet from Caddyshack are getting into these days.

Pictures: Orion Pictures

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