Bill Murray ‘On the Rocks’: The Top 20 Moments For America’s Favorite Man

On the Rocks reunites Bill Murray with Lost in Translation writer/director, Sofia Coppola, in what is as charming an outing as one would imagine, and it’s all thanks to Murray (that’s not true, Rashida Jones shines as well). In the film, Murray plays a larger-than-life playboy whose father-daughter relationship is, well, dysfunctional. However, these “daddy issues” don’t make Murray any less likable—the comedic legend could play Lucifer and we’d all chuckle. Murray’s career, spanning five decades (plus) of deadpan, transcends entertainment. Bill Murray is a cult figure; a mythical man crashing bachelor parties, baseball games, and big-budget movies. In honor of America’s favorite man (and his new movie), we look back on the top 20 Murray moments in film, regular life, or otherwise. 

Cover Photo: A24

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