Projector Life Is the Best Life For Movie Lovers Who Hate to Leave Home (Plus 10 Cinematic Masterpieces You Have to Watch With a Projector)

Nobody wants to leave their house anymore to go to the movies. (And with the price of admission soaring these days, some of us can’t even afford to.) But that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to watching your favorite flicks on your laptop, or worse, on the tiny screen of your cell phone. Projectors are making a comeback, and should be part of your home entertainment arsenal this year. But once you have the perfect home movie-watching lair set up, friends to share the viewing experience with, and food and drinks galore, what film should you show? We’ve figured out which 10 cinematic masterpieces you have to watch with a project. Now pass the popcorn!

Cover Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

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