Miss Going to the Movies? Recreate the Experience With This Portable Mini Projector That’s Over 60% Off

This year has been a rough one for die-hard moviegoers. Streaming platforms are all we’ve got right now, and studio release delays have been one disappointment after another. If you miss the thrill of the movie theater, here’s a way to recreate it at home: Set up a projector, grab some popcorn, and let your favorite films loose on your bedroom wall.

If you’re into this idea, then you’ll adore this portable mini projector. The 1080p device from PIQO offers you a screen size of up to 240 inches with an incredible HD resolution. This cute gadget may be little, but it has 200 lumens of brightness that give you a clear picture anytime, whether it’s day or night, which is pretty darn impressive.

With PIQO, you don’t need to worry about audio either, because it comes with built-in HiFi speakers that you can even use to play music on those days you’re not watching a flick. And thanks to a variety of connectivity — Bluetooth, USB, WiFi, HDMI — this projector is super easy to set up.

Somehow, there’s a bundle of cool features packed into this projector that’s just about the size of a Rubik’s cube, and you don’t even need to pay the full price of $799. Boost your summer movie magic from home when you take advantage of this 64% discount and score the PIQO Powerful 1080p Mini Projector for just $279.99.

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