Bring the Movie Theater to Your Backyard With This 4K UD Projector

Going to the movie theater is an experience you can’t replace. There’s just something special about indulging in buttery [overpriced] popcorn, sipping on a crisp soda, and enjoying a new movie in a dark theater. However, if you’re not ready to go back to the theaters yet and want to enjoy a movie on the big screen but from home, boy do we have a good projector deal for you!

With the Wewatch Vision V30 SE: Portable Mini HD Native 1080p Wi-Fi Projector, you can watch movies or TV shows on a larger scale in the comfort of your backyard or living room. This projector has everything for your home entertainment needs. It projects any media on a 120″ screen and offers 1080p image quality (which is 225% clearer than mainstream 720p projectors). It provides a sharp, high-quality image in 4K ultra HD support and with its brightness auto-adjust feature, the projector is able to maintain theatrical image quality while providing a balanced display.

This projector allows Airplay as well as Miracast via Wi-Fi for your convenient viewing pleasure. It also has built-in speakers so you and the family can start streaming right away! And you don’t have to worry about the picture not looking right if you’re watching a movie outside as the Wewatch has both movie and music modes that provide a realistic and quality picture for outside use.

Bring this bad boy with you on vacation if you want to share the fun on your next family trip! It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack away or fit into your luggage. This projector makes a great gift for any movie buff in your life! They (or you, if it’s a gift to yourself) don’t even have to worry about leaving the house to watch the new releases like Nope, Barbarian, Hocus Pocus 2, and other fun flicks.

This projector is currently on sale at its newly price-dropped price of $121.99 when you buy it through us, so don’t wait too long!

Prices subject to change.