30 Year Anniversary: Catch Up With the Cast of Comic Book Crime Caper ‘Dick Tracy’

If Batman’s Gotham is 1930s New York through the looking glass, then Dick Tracy is Al Capone’s Chicago tripping on bad LSD. The yellow-coated detective predates the black cowl-wearing vigilante by almost a decade. In 1990, both characters finally got big Hollywood treatments. Tim Burton’s Batman launched a franchise. Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy feels more like a fascinating sociological time capsule.

Beatty directed and starred as the titular character. He cast his then-girlfriend Madonna as Breathless Mahoney. The singer is at her sexiest, and it’s actually one of her better cinematic turns. The rest of the cast is 100 percent top-notch, including Dustin Hoffman, Dick Van Dyke and, of course, Al Pacino. Pacino even got an Oscar nomination as Tracy’s archnemesis Big Boy. Though commercially successful enough, critical and audience reactions were mixed. Still, it’s worth watching for the makeup, pre-CGI special effects and cast alone. We catch up with where the crazy talented cast of Dick Tracy is 30 years later.

Photo: Touchstone Pictures

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