The Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Nightwing

Warner Bros. has made a major announcement that comic book fans have been waiting years for: there is finally going to be a Nightwing feature film! Batman’s greatest success and the original superhero sidekick has over 75 years of outstanding stories to draw from, as well as a stint under the Batman cowl, which spells forward-thinking for the franchise.

In the wake of all the excitement clearing the question on every fan’s lips is: who should play Dick Grayson? The character comes with athletic prowess, being a trained acrobat from birth, along with requisite charm that not only makes him a thorn in the side of the Dark Knight, but probably the DC Universe’s biggest playboy. On top of that he has to have a good old fashioned trustworthy face that will make every member of the audience trust this guy in tights with our lives instead of whoever is playing in the next movie theater over.

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On top of that, this incarnation of Dick Grayson has the responsibility of giving the Robin image a facelift. In the past Grayson has been seen as a sillier character when he was played by Burt Ward and Chris O’Donnell. Even his portrayal by Michael Cera in the recent LEGO Batman Movie was more joke-y and less man-who-will-lead-The-Justice-League.

Now the very same director directed The LEGO Batman Movie – Chris McKay – will helm the Nightwing solo movie, and it should prove interesting to see how he will interpret Dick Grayson in a more serious light and in the world of live action. But who will be the man under the tights? Will we believe that he could have romanced a computer genius, an alien princess and any number of his other teammates? There are plenty of fan favourite picks, but here we have curated a list of…

The Top 10 Actors Who Should Play Nightwing

Top Photo: DC Comics