Exclusive Preview | Nightwing # 18

Ever since the New 52, Dick Grayson’s run as Batman has largely been ignored. But the current “Nightwing Must Die” arc is revisiting the Grant Morrison era in a big way with the return of Professor Pyg and a renewed partnership between Dick and the current Robin, Damian Wayne.

But it’s not the happiest of reunion for the current and former Robins. Damian is convinced that Dick is trying to usurp his rightful place as Batman’s heir, while Dick is far more preoccupied about his current lover, Shawn Tsang, since she’s been kidnapped by Pyg and she might be pregnant with Dick’s child.

In CraveOnline’s exclusive preview for Nightwing #18, Dick and Damian track down Pyg in Paris before the action flashes back to the end of their fight with the new Deathwing. And according to Damian, there’s only one way to deal with the fake Nightwing and Robin, and Dick is definitely not going to like his solution!

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This issue was written by Tim Seeley, with art by Javier Fernandez and Minkyu Jung. The main cover was drawn by Fernandez and the open order variant cover was drawn by Ivan Reis. Here’s the official description from DC Comics:

“Nightwing Must Die” part three! Someone Dick loves is being held by one of the deranged foes of his past: Professor Pyg! Nightwing and Robin race to stop Pyg’s attack, but an even darker villain may be waiting for them in the aftermath…

Nightwing #18 will be released on Wednesday, April 5 in comic book stores everywhere.

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Photo Credits: All images provided by DC Comics.