Batman Returns

‘Batman Returns’ Is Still the Ultimate Christmas Movie 30 Years Later (And Here’s Why)

Christmas comes but once a year and, when it does, a slew of holiday movies come with it. Yes, Christmas may only last a day, but there are enough movies to satiate your Christmas spirit all month long. In addition to all of the undisputed classics, there also seems to be a handful of movies that toe the line between “regular movie” and “Christmas movie.” People can and will argue until their dying day that Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

The same can be said for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns, which was released just in time for the Christmas season (and by “just in time,” we mean June). It wasn’t just the timeframe in which the film was released that qualifies it as a Christmas movie, however. Batman Returns is full of Christmas iconography, from the visuals to the overall message of the film. Even almost 30 years after its release, it continues to be the ultimate Christmas movie. Here’s why.

Cover Photo: Warner Bros.

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