What Your Favorite Batman Says About You

Photo: Warner Bros. 

“Not my Batman” is a term that’s been in vogue for the past few years, but it’s an idea that has existed since the Dark Knight’s debut, way back in 1939. But Batman, like all of literature’s greatest characters, is open to interpretation. He’s been a dark knight; a campy, caped crusader; a loner; a lover; a father and a son. Batman has been, in his own words, “whatever [we] need him to be.” In truth, every version of Batman is “our Batman.”

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Still, fans have their favorite versions of the character and we do not begrudge them their personal tastes. But your choice of Batman says a lot about you. Are you an angry loner or a patriarch? Are you a vigilante who stops crime by any means necessary or do you have a very strict code of ethics by which you abide?

Regardless of which version of the character is your favorite, it’s safe to assume that your choice says a lot about who you are as a person. So put on your cape, punch a clown, and dance the Batusi, because we’re diving into what your favorite version of Batman says about you.

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