Brutally Honest Movie Review: ‘Hocus Pocus’ Isn’t Nearly What It Used to Be

There are some films that stand the test of time; movies that are laced with lasting appeal for children and adults alike. Hocus Pocus may be a cult classic but it doesn’t fall into the timeless category. The Disney channel-centric shitshow is equatable to running out of toilet paper or the punchline you forgot. If this sounds harsh, it’s only because nostalgia has led us astray, and we’re upset. There are those who embraced the annual ritual of popping in that VHS or turning on ABC Family, never allowing their affinity for Hocus Pocus to dwindle, but not us. For the last couple of decades, we’ve cherished the long-lost Halloweens we spent watching Hocus Pocus unaware of our brewing cynicism. 1993 was a different time; through our mature 2019 lens, let’s do an honest review of Hocus Pocus.

Cover Photo: Walt Disney Studios

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