Brutally Honest Movie Review: ‘Mission: Impossible,’ The Dud That Sparked a Franchise

It’s been virtually impossible to miss the Mission: Impossible franchise. Contrary to the titular suggestion, the Mission Impossible Force has been completing missions since the first fuse was lit in 1996. Every entry has upped the ludicrousness and received better reviews because of it (minus Mission: Impossible II). Chalk this up to rubber masks, double-crosses, file transfers, the ever-reliable Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames), or Tom Cruise’s increasingly death-defying performance as IMF agent Ethan Hunt—24 years (and counting) of sprinting has proven that Mission: Impossible is here perpetually in high gear.

Fresh off the acclaimed sixth outing, Mission Impossible – Fallout, one can’t help but wonder how we got here and if the proof was in the initial pudding. Let’s do an honest review of the “inspired by your dad’s favorite TV series” movie, 1996’s Mission: Impossible

Cover Photo: Paramount Pictures

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