Watch Tom Cruise Jump Out Of Plane Over 100 Times For ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’

Photo: Paramount Pictures

You can say a lot of things about Tom Cruise, but the guy rarely phones in a performance and really, really wants you to enjoy yourself once you get to the theater.

Challenging himself to up the ante with each successive Mission: Impossible film, Cruise went to new heights (literally) for the latest, Mission: Impossible – Fallout. 

Cruise decided to do his own stunts for the majority of the film, which included jumping out of planes at 30,000 feet while plummeting towards the ground at an overwhelming 220 MPH.

But Cruise didn’t just jump once. He didn’t jump twice. Nope, in fact, Tom Cruise himself jumped out of a moving plane 106 times to get three different shots for the movie.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christoper McQuarrie sat alongside Cruise during their appearance at CinemaCon, where they broke down the terrifying and rather time-consuming Halo jump, which had some on set concerned for Tom’s well-being.

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In addition to the 106 skydives, McQuarrie said some of the air scenes were shot in a wind tunnel, though stressed he would try to pack in as much footage from the raw skydives as he could into what will be about a three-minute scene.

“The only place we could do this [legally] was the United Arab Emirates,” Cruise told the audience at CinemaCon.