Kirsten Dunst is a wicked lush

Kirsten Dunst is sparking rumors that she’s an alcoholic after a recent appearance on Jay Leno and she made an ass out of herself at the New York premiere of Elizabethtown.

The stunning actress [fanged she-beast] is alleged to have arrived on the red-carpet of the New York premiere looking “dishevelled” before drinking herself into an aggressive stupour at the exclusive post screening bash. According to one fellow reveller, who was quoted by America’s New York Post newspaper, Dunst was “drinking a lot and got very loud and obnoxious. She was very pushy.”

She told American talk show host Jay Leno: “I stock up on Veuve Cliquot champagne. I buy it from Costco – cheap there I have lots of alcohol and no food in my fridge”. When asked by Leno whether she was worried about her drinking habits, the screen beauty added: “Well, maybe in a few months you will see me in a rehab clinic.”

This may support the theory that Kirsten’s baseless conceit is a result of regular consumption of massive amounts of alcohol. It would seem there is no way she can watch her horrible movies or look at herself in the mirror whilst sober and think she has genuine talent or any measurable amount of sexiness. It would most certainly take drinking a fridge full of champagne (and a guy with knife on my throat) to get me to say those things about her.

Here she is a couple days ago at the German premiere of Elizabethtown. I would have posted the whole set, but I don’t want Grendel’s daughter sucking up all my bandwidth.

Thanks to Jason, Dave and Jon for the heads up.

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