Call of Duty: WWII Supply Drops to Contain New Weapons

The hottest topic in the gaming world right now is paid-for loot boxes. If the random drops they hide provide any type of gameplay-affecting buff or unique advantage, then the gaming community will condemn them.

Up until now, Call of Duty: WWII‘s loot boxes have only contained cosmetic items and experience boosts, which have been labelled as “okay” by gamers. However, it looks like developer Sledgehammer Games is preparing to deploy random weapons drops through upcoming Epic, Legendary and Weapon Supply Drops.

Advanced Warfare, Black Ops III, Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered all had these random weapon drops, but the community was under the impression that WWII would buck that trend, opting for cosmetics only.

What follows is a list of new Supply Drop types and weapons which are reportedly going to be added to the game soon.

New Supply Drops

Legendary Supply Drop

Epic Supply Drop

Weapon Supply Drop

Gewehr 43

Type 5


Beretta 38


Breda 30




Winchester 94 Lever Action

Enfield No. 2

Walther P38

Reichs Revolver


Combat Knife

Trench Knife

It’s not yet known when these weapons will be added to the game. I expect we’ll hear more when the COD Points microtransactions are added on November 21.