Call of Duty: WWII COD Points Are Live, Microtransaction Prices Revealed

Following a week-long delay, COD Points have finally made their way into Call of Duty: WWII. These points are a premium currency that can be bought through microtransactions using real-world money.

Found in the Quartermaster’s inventory, COD Points can currently be spent on a one-time Starter Bundle (costing 500 COD Points), Rare Supply Drops (200 COD Points each) and Rare Zombie Supply Drops (200 COD Points each).

As for the real cash to COD Points exchange rate, you’re looking at around $1 per 100 Points. However, it’s possible to get more value by buying larger stacks of Points:

200 COD Points – $1.99

1,100 COD Points – $9.99

2,400 COD Points – $19.99

5,000 COD Points – $39.99

9,500 COD Points – $74.99

13,000 COD Points – $99.99

CP are the in-game currency that can be used in WWII to obtain Rare Supply Drops for use in Multiplayer game mode and Zombies Crates for use in Zombies game mode plus other in-game content. 

While COD Points have now been added, the leaked Epic, Legendary and Weapon Supply Drops have yet to rear their potentially-ugly-pay-to-win heads.

It’s possible that the new Supply Drops are being saved for a later date. I know that, if I were Activision, I’d want to hold off on creating more controversies surrounding pay-to-win loot boxes, what with the chaos Star Wars Battlefront II has experienced. One step at a time, I suppose!